Waltraud Cellar for Bodegas Torres – Vilafranca del Penedés, Spain.

The Torres family requested Javier Barba to create a place to present the best wines of their vineyard. From the outset it was clear that besides the technical aspects, the program should display the spirit and emotion of the wine, without falling into a theatrical design. The Project is divided into three levels, respecting the natural elevation of the land. The first underground level is where the barrels of wine are held in reserve.The Second is developed as a cloister.

This is a space for meditation and reflection that includes a fountain in the center representing an element of life and the flow of time.

The transparent glass bottom of the fountain connects the center of the courtyard with the center of the underground plaza with a beam of light, symbolizing the union between the interior and exterior of the land. Finally, the third level houses a tasting room and museum. The simple and forceful forms of the volume are surrounded by water and are linked to the atrium by a waterfall.

The materials include COR-TEN steel and concrete, which is used in the large frieze of the arched square and chipped in the columns. Respect for the land is evident in the large earth-sheltered roof planted with local species to minimize water consumption. The installation of a photovoltaic tree creates the energy required to light up the complex.

The artistic collaboration includes sculptured pieces, such as the Familia Reserva Pétrea, by Xavier Corberó, guarding the entrance to the cloister, and Mutus Liber by Josep Cerdà i Ferrer, in the reflecting pool in front of the tasting room.The tasting room features paintings by the artista Waltraud Maczassek.


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