Birdwatching and Glamping in The Delta del Ebro.

Many scientific studies have shown that  nature can reduce stress and boost mental wellbeing,  a growing number of scientific studies specifically suggest that watching birds and encouraging birds to visit our yard is good for you.

They found that being able to see birds, shrubs, and trees around one’s home and spending more time outside were both linked to a lower risk of feeling anxious or depressed.


Below our project: 

Glamping Hotel “El silencio”

Glamping  describes a style of camping with amenities and, in some cases, resort-style services not usually associated with “traditional” camping. Glamping has become particularly popular with 21st-century tourists seeking the luxuries of a hotel accommodation along side the escapism and adventure recreation of camping.

The site is exceptional , surrounded by the  Natural Park of the Delta del Ebro , with a natural pond in the middle of the site , and near the  mouth of the river Ebro, at a driving distance of  1,5 h from the  city of Barcelona.The area is perfect for all  kinds of activities in a natural environment, ranging from beaching, on mile long beaches or secluded coves, swimming, fishing, bird watching, biking, sight seeing,and  hiking to enjoy delicious  traditional gastronomy or simply stay in the bungalows reading a book and watching the sunset.

Glamping el silencio delta del ebro-1.jpg

The idea was to create a place where people could disconnect from the stresses of modern life and find one’s inner self. We analyzed the market and made a segmentation of potential customers. We saw that the Glamping sector hasn’t been developed in Spain and that it is  much in demand but there is a lack of high end product.

We understood the importance  of the  eco-chic concept and that the Project should  have  the respect for the existing surroundings as its leitmotiv.


We worked on a first conceptual  design. One  main building , that concentrates all of the services ; a wellness center with yoga, spa and chiropractic center, a restaurant  specialized  in  the products and cuisine  of the area  with 100 % organic food, as well as a small  events center. Once the guest´s car is parked in the main parking area ,  access to the bungalows and common exterior areas is  done by electric car.All of the exterior landscape will be done with the existing vegetation and  white sand. Diferents areas of the pound will be made swimable

We are working with Humberto Albiach designing the Housing Module for the new Glamping , following the principles of bioclimatic architecture . The structure  will be made with laminated wood and will have a solar roof , it will be easily transported and assembled  on site.The exterior decked areas surroundings the bungalows have seating  and swimming pools or  a Jacuzzis.

estructura glamping v0 modulo doble vista 1.jpg


BC Estudio Architects –






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