In the immensity of the desert, 250 km to the north of Riyadh, with views to the plantations of date palms is the place where is located this family complex consisting of a main house, and three for the children and guests.

A simple architecture, with courtyards and gardens, achieves a climatically adequate and comfortable environment. Volumes of rustic plaster, stone, wood and ceilings of palm rescue the elements of traditional construction. The spaces, with variable heights, will draw in the middle of the dunes a silhouette occasionally altered by the wind towers, ancient way of natural cooling.



The landscaping and architecture are combined to create a microclimate, using the vegetation of the site and proposing in the lower areas of the land a great pool-lake, a large porch and a small oasis. Also, a circuit of trails allows walking throughout the complex.

The proposed ocher-earth tones melt and change with the colors of nature according with the incidence of the sun. The warm tints of the sand are complemented by the elegance of date palms being a constant that unifies architecture with the land.



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