F. Javier Barba
President & CEO of Estudio BC
Study and project director Project architects
Arch. Susana Zanón Arch. Pablo Paci
Arch. Zuzana Procházková
Estudio BC director Arch. Eduardo Reguant
Arch. Gabriel Barba Arch. Oriol Casamitjana
Arch. Carlos Gassol
Landscaping director
Arch. Joan Sistach
L.Arch. Jordi Barba Arch. Antonio Aller
Interior design director Studio secretary
Arch. Margarida Moiteiro Véronique Desvenain

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A team of architects with a single goal: consistency with the studio’s ideas.
Javier Barba is working on developing projects together with his team at Estudio BC, a group of architects of various natio­nalities that understand and share his vision of architecture. Under the supervision of the project director, Susana Zanón, the studio combines traditional tools – working models and hand drawn sketches – in the early stages of the project (preliminary studies and drafts) with digital techniques in subsequent phases (basic and im­plementation projects).
The projects start with a traditional design, moving from a quick sketch or summary of the project to an arduous drafting process which often involves redoing the plans until the requi­red form is achieved – the “recherche patiente” des­cribed by Le Corbusier. Another key element in the design and development of the project is the relationship established with the client, who plays an active role in all phases of the project.
The work in the studio starts with a simple model, based on the understanding of basic rules such as implementation, orienta­tion, the elements representing the local architecture in the region, and those that are already present on the site.
The projects are considered from a comprehensive standpoint: architecture, interior design, landscaping and even the design of specific items. For Estudio BC, visits to the site while the pro­ject is in progress are a key point, since this is when the final touches are added that will give each project its own unique, essential character.
Concern for the future, the impact of building in an ever more developed world, along with the need to rationalize the use of resources have driven the work of Estudio BC ever since Javier Barba set up the studio 35 years ago.


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